Open an FPrime window by activating the Generic plugin "FPrime." This is likely just a click on your newly created menu button. The first time you do this, FPrime will present you with a licensing screen similar to this one:

FPrime is licensed to your specific LightWave dongle. This means that, like LightWave, you can run it on any machine you like just by moving the dongle.

We "tie" your FPrime to your dongle with a custom license code based on your dongle's ID number. That ID number is printed in the license screen. You can press a button to email the license code request to us, or call us on the phone.

When we've provided your 16 digit FPrime license code, enter it into the license screen. The information is saved on disk (in a file called fprime.lic) and you won't see the license screen again unless you reinstall LightWave, move the plugin, or use a new machine.