Basic Interaction

When you open an FPrime window, it immediately shows a render of your current scene. As you make changes to your scene by adding or moving objects, setting textures, adding lights, setting keyframes, and so on, FPrime updates its render view to show the current scene. For FPrime to show keyframe changes, you must first activate LightWave's AutoKey mode.

Fprime shows the render from the current camera when you first open its window. The size of the FPrime window is chosen to be small enough that it is easy to place on your interface. You can resize the window to fit your screen real estate.

You can zoom into and out of the view using the mouse wheel. (If you don't have a mouse wheel, see the FAQ.) Since FPrime is a live render, a zoom will show as much detail as you like, down to the smallest background polygon. You can pan the render by clicking on the view and dragging.

After panning and zooming, you may sometimes lose track of your place in the image. The "Fit View" button at the top of the FPrime window snaps the render view back to showing the entire scene again.

You can pop to a full size 1:1 render view with the especially handy "Full View" button. Clicking the Full View button again will jump back to the previous window size and zoom. This is great for alternating between a closeup and a full render view. FPrime's interactive window is limited to a view of 1024 by 1024 so camera sizes larger than this will snap to half size.

You can change to a view from a different camera by clicking on the "Camera" button and choosing a camera from the list.

You can open up to four independent FPrime render windows at once.

New in FPrime 3.5 is support for surface and object picking in the FPrime Preview window.(requires LW 9.5 or greater). Left click a pixel to select a surface and use the middle button to select objects. An additional XRAY option is enabled by holding down the shift key while clicking. This allows you to select the surface or object behind the surface or object that you clicked on.